Mission Statement

There has never before been a generation of girls with so many opportunities yet so little direction to manage (unrealistic) social and emotional pressures. Girls are constantly bombarded with messages about beauty… being sexy… success… and perfectionism.  Girls often crumble beneath the unrealistic demands to be perfect and then begin to disconnect from the truest aspects of themselves. My message to all of you is… STOP EDITING THE TRUE YOU! Find your voice. Celebrate your unique dreams. Honor your tribe. Practice self-compassion. And give yourself permission to become someone you enjoy seeing in the mirror.

- Alison Armstrong-Conner, Ph.D.


Random Acts of Grit, Grace, & Generosity!

I’ve decided to practice what I preach. I’m going to talk the talk AND walk the walk. Every day, I will post a random act of grit, grace, and generosity that I plan to focus on during my day. Want to join me? It feels so beautiful to give… Let’s do it!

Worth Keepers - Get The App! *Coming Soon*

The Worth Keepers (Building Self-Worth) app is an effort to help girls realize that worth, the belief that you’re lovable, is achieved from within us. Finding worth doesn’t happen because we belong to the popular group, wear trendy clothes, date the best-looking people, score the highest grades, become superior athletes, or get accepted into the best universities. Self-worth happens when girls realize that each of us is lovable regardless of our imperfections and struggles.

Negative self-talk is a dangerous habit that most girls have developed without any awareness of its existence. The Worth Keepers app is designed to shine light on these self-destructive bad habits and encourage self-compassion. It’s been said that it takes 30 days to kick a bad habit, right? This app is a 30-day emotional boot camp. It’s designed to educate, heal, and inspire.

Mothers are encouraged to purchase the app and participate simultaneously with their daughters. But be careful not to ask too many questions, moms. If your daughter believes her privacy is respected, she won’t feel pressure to perform or give the “right” answers. She’ll feel safer about being vulnerable and real. Confidence and self-worth are the products of believing in the power to be REAL.

As mothers and daughters learn more about healthy self-discovery, the mother-daughter relationships will inevitably strengthen and grow.

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.” -Robin Sharma-